This international standard helps you reduce your environmental impact as well as grow your business




It is an internationally accepted standard that defines the requirements for establishing, implementing and operating a Health and Safety Management System.




Manage quality whatever the size of your business with a quality system standard that’s recognized the world over


About Provenza


 Established in 1999, Provenza is a management consultancy covering:

  • Quality management systems to ISO9001 and ISO13485
  • Health & Safety management systems to ISO45001
  • Environmental management systems to ISO14001
  • Information security management systems to ISO27001
  • Specific requirements such as GDPR


We are based in the North West but work all over the United Kingdom using our network of Consultants. We pride ourselves in being a friendly, approachable and knowledgeable Company, working within a wide range of business sectors.

 Our consultants have practical experience in the implementation of the management systems that we support meaning that you get the best advice possible.

Provenza prides itself in a boutique approach to consultancy with an eye on the long term rather than one-off projects. We are commonly retained by clients to maintain systems after they have achieved registration and develop them through continual improvement. Registration to a management system is seen as the first step; from there we champion improvement projects, become a competent source of advice in many areas and work alongside top management to enable their longer-term goals to be achieved.

 We have excellent working relationships with Certification Bodies in the UK and abroad and can help you identify the one best suited to your requirements.


You can trust our experience:

  • All our management systems have passed the certification body audit first time
  • None of our clients have ever received a major nonconformance
  • All of our clients have maintained their registrations year after year



    TEL – 07411 234246
    EMAIL – stuart@provenza.co.uk


    Our services are wide-ranging and include:

    • Implementation of a management system, for example, ISO9001 taking you all the way through to registration by a certification body
    • Integrating a new management system into an existing one, for example implementing a health & safety management system to ISO45001
    • Maintaining management systems. We can visit your Company every week or every month to carry out all the activities required to maintain your management systems. We relieve you of the management system tasks leaving you to get on with running your business
    • Supporting you through the implementation of a new system. For example, if you are installing a new machine or introducing a new service, we can work with you to document the process, validate the results and integrate new systems into your existing management system. We can make sure that all aspects of the new process consider the implications for quality, environment and health & safety.
    • Specific tasks such as carrying out your internal audits to give you a professional impartial opinion
    • Attending audits carried out by certification bodies or customers. We can be there to guide the Auditors through your systems and be on hand to answer any technical queries that the Auditor may have. Many of our clients feel that this is a really useful service providing a seamless integration between Auditor and Client
    • Transferring certification. If you are unhappy with your current certification body, we can guide you through the transfer process to move your certification to another body. We have a wealth of experience with many certification bodies so can provide great advice
    • Combining certification. If you have grown your Company by acquisition of other Companies, you may have certification with two or more different certification bodies. This will result in different audit cycles and increased costs. We can help you with the process of moving all certifications to one body resulting in better audit scheduling and reduced costs.

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    Established in 2000, Provenza have over 10 expert consultants with a  wealth of business knowledge.


    Provenza provides a quality service focusing on adding value to your business


    Provenza cuts through all the technical jargon making the process straight forward and relevant

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    TEL – 07411 234246

    EMAIL – stuart@provenza.co.uk

    We have built up a team of consultants who have both theoretical and practical experience in the implementation of Quality Assurance, Environmental and Health & Safety Management Systems